Ride Types

All our rides are informal, social & supportive. Lots of chat and the café stop are important features! The descriptions below aim to give you a feel for the type of rides we offer. On all rides we re-group at the top of hills or where needed, so no one is left behind.


Suitable for riders new to road cycling, or who are looking to improve their fitness before progressing to longer rides. Pace will match the slower riders.  Expect rides of around 2 – 3 hours.

Green rides are generally 20-35 miles (30-55km) at an average speed of 8-10 mph (13-16 km/h). Routes will try to avoid steep hills, but this being Sheffield, it won’t be flat! The pace will be steady on the hills, with stops if needed. Expect elevation gain of around 700m (2,300 feet).

Yorkshire Rose Cycling Club supports Breeze Rides for Women, British Cycling’s initiative to get more women on bikes.  If you feel our Green ride may be a little too challenging, do check out their rides in the Sheffield area: Breeze Sheffield rides (can filter for women only rides)


Suitable for regular riders who prefer to cover some distance, at a relaxed pace but with less stopping than the Green rides. Likely to be half-day rides.

30-55 miles (50-90 km) at an average speed of 9-11mph (15-18 km/h).  Around 1100m (3,600 feet) of elevation gain.


Suitable for experienced riders. These rides may be hilly, long, or both! Likely to be half-day rides – possibly longer in summer. 

45–65+ miles (70-100+ km) at an average speed of 11-13 mph (18-21 km/h). Elevation gain can vary depending on the route, but could be 1500m (5,000 feet) or more, with steep sections on some routes.

All rides include at least one café stop, more at the discretion of the ride leader